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Overview and History Acronis have been with US since 2001. Initially they now encompass the whole category of computer protection, then widened this into the backup and disaster recovery fields and concentrated on drive partitioning applications. Their best selling software: Acronis True Image is intended to network drives, archive hard drives and outside media. In 2010 they created Acronis Backup and Recovery 10. The Acronis Online backup solution can be set up as part of the Acronis True Image Suite or as a standalone application and became accessible to the public in 2010. This is Acronis’ first try at the online storage world and is a really large part of keeping your data safe. Attribute Set Security Security is high grade: when help in their data centers and advice is protected both during transport. It is possible to decide an encryption password which keeps your data even more protected however if you forget the encryption key you may lose all the advice you’ve archived.

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So be sure to use one you’ll be able to remember! Back-Up Characteristics Acronis Online Backup is a best buy software no backup scheduling utility that is nonsense. After you’ve downloaded and run the client utility, simply pick the information you must archive and either set a schedule to be backed up or use the’Back Up Now’ button. The customer can back up open / in use files yet appears not to use’block level incremental backups’ which means that complete files are backed up not merely the portions of the files that have been amended. The outcome of this really is that back-ups are not faster than some other Online Backup providers. File versioning is supported and an endless amount of editiond can be held for up to 45 days. It’s possible to set a particular number of editions to retain. Restore Characteristics Restores can be completed from either the client software or in the web portal.

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In any case, you have the choice to choose which variant of a file you want to recover. When chosen, the file is returned for you as a zip (compressed) file that can be saved anywhere you want. If you’ve saved files more than once per day, then a scrollbar at the bottom of the client and portal site interfaces that are online show the times of each successful backup and lets you choose these times to restore files from that specific backup. Management and Evaluation If you use Acronis Online Backup in conjunction with another Acronis Product such as Acronis True Image subsequently Online Copy seamlessly joins with the parent merchandise and you have access to logging, all the reporting and controls from the parent program. If you use Acronis Online Backup as a standalone product, then you certainly get no reporting or logging. Chip throttling can be set to High, Medium or Low and internet use can be set to any limit you like. Proxy servers may also be supported.

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Copy alerts can be sent to multiple email addresses and you can set up the customer to perform pre- and post operations, this can be quite suitable if for example you wishwould like to copy a database to the local drive to permit it to be included in the on-line backup. Interface The client interface on the standalone version is quite uncomplicated and displays how much of your storage allowance you’ve got used at a glance. Additionally, it shows when the next scheduled backup is expected. The internet portal interface is almost identical to the client interface lacking only the alternatives that are backup. Device Support Now only supports Windows client operating systems. Limits No support for mobile devices, MAC or server platforms. No means to extend past the 250Gb allowance. No means to include an account and more than 5 PCs together.

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File Sharing and Cooperation None. Synchronization Synchronization to the web portal but not between PCs. Web 2.0 Integration None. Customer Support Customer Support choices include: LiveChat Knowledgebase Newsgroups E-Mail a question from a web form Self-help: User Guides, FAQs, Demo, Tutorials and Testimonials Phone support can be aquired on a per incident basic for $11.84. Simple Use The client is very easy and easy to setup to use. The interface makes managing up to 5 PCs quite simple and shows an instantaneous summary of how much info has been archived for each PC and how much you’ve available. The interface is clean and clear without any learning curve required to get up and running. Price First setup is free Monthly Cost: $3.95 / mth Annual Fee: $39.95 / year Initial permitted storage: 250Gb Amount of PCs enabled: The 250Gb allowance can be shared by up to 5 PCs.

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Price of added storage: n/a Price of extra devices / PCs / users: n/a Ebilling facility: Yes Free Variation / Free Trial: There is a 60 day free trial which provides 2Gb of space that is backup. Concealed prices: Telephone support can be purchased on a per incident basis for $11.84. Conclusion That is Acronis’ first shot at a web back-up alternative and in my opinion they’ve done fairly well. The point the service can be standalone or integrated into the present client software is an excellent touch and gives flexibility. There are a some things missing in the standalone version, including centralized and reporting admin of all PCs. But these will probably become available. The only strategy provides ample 250Gb of storage for a very reasonable cost and the client can be setup to utilize as much or as little resource and bandwidth as you want. The interface is clear and straightforward to use and restores are fast and dependable.

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To sum up Acronis have created a solid, very reputable and simple on-line backup solution at an excellent price that is underpinned by the Acronis name: A world-wide leader in back-up technology. A fantastic choice from a name that is great. If you want even more peace of mind, then buy one of their package applications, such as Acronis True Image House and get computer protection that is complete.